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Our Commitment to Sustainability

Sustainable by Design

New England Woodcraft recognizes the need to practice environmentally sound principles that allow us to minimize the effects on the world around us, while producing high quality furniture. We are an industry leader in our approach to reducing pollutants and promoting the protection of our 
Great American Natural Resources.

Earning Our Certification as MAS Green

N.E.W. is Certified Green by Materials Analytical Services, LLC (MAS), which means that our products have low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) emissions according to the following standards:
LEED EQ Credit: Low Emitting Materials for interior Design & Construction.
California Department of Public Health Standard Method V1.1.
ANSI/BIFMA e#-2014 Section 7.6.1 and ANSI/BIFMA .1-2011.
Criteria for the MAS Certified Green Program.
Being MAS Certified Green means our furniture is safer for both the consumer and the environment.
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See How We Practice on Sustainability Everyday...

Sustainably Sourcing Wood

New England Woodcraft's solid wood furniture is responsibly sourced from natural generation, bio-diverse forests located in North America. The majority of our products are made using Northern Red Oak and Hard Maple Hardwoods which come from well managed, sustainable forests here in the Northeast. In addition, we purchase our hardwood plywood and veneer from suppliers that hold certifications from the Forest Stewardship Council. Our products have long life cycles (20+ years) that reduce long-term wood consumption and increase their value.
Why does New England Woodcraft choose NOT to use Environmentally Farmed Timber?
Many contract furniture manufacturers use Environmentally Farmed Timber, also known as Rubberwood or Asian Oak. Rubberwood is usually imported, increasing its carbon footprint and reducing local economic benefits. Rubberwood is produced on tree farms that displace rainforests and turn tropical ecosystems into monocultures. They’re often not FSC certified and aren’t responsibly sourced.

Creating Green Buildings-
Earning LEED points for Low Emissions

Our furniture is certified to meet the LEED for Schools and the CHPS performance standards to be classified as low emitting furniture. As such, qualified uses of our furniture are eligible for LEED for Schools IEQ 4.5 credit under option 3, and CHPS EQ 2.2.5 Furniture and Furnishings credit. 
MAS Certified Green

MAS Certified Green - 
An Effort to Reducing Emissions

Our customers can rest assured knowing that the furniture they have purchased will not contribute to adverse indoor air quality. 
New England Woodcraft holds a Certificate of Compliance by the MAS Certified Green Program. MAS Certification is administered by Material Analytical Services, an independent, third party laboratory that offers testing services that meet stringent ANSI (American National Standards Institute) Furniture Sustainability Standards.

Eliminating Solvent-Based Finishes

We only use non-solvent based finishes that are safe for our consumers, employees, and the environment. New England Woodcraft’s commitment to reducing Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emissions has been recognized by the State of Vermont and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). N.E.W. uses state-of-the-art water base and ultraviolet (UV) finishing equipment. Our UV cured finish consists 100% of solids, which means it emits virtually no VOCs or waste by-products. Our New Coat water base finish contains only 0.89 lbs of VOC per gallon (compared to the state and federal regulation of 5.6 lbs of VOC per gallon). Additionally, our hardwood veneer and decorative plywood contain no added formaldehyde-based resins and meet all California Air Resources board phase 2 (CARB2) formaldehyde levels

Zero Waste Manufacturing

As part of our sustainability efforts, we use 98% of each tree and create zero waste in production. We turn any remaining scrap wood that cannot be used in the manufacturing process into either shipping pallets for our products or sawdust for local dairy farmers to use as bedding material for their livestock. All waste metals and plastics are recycled, and any cardboard we receive from suppliers is sent to a local recycling facility. Our own packaging materials are made from recycled materials. From sourcing to manufacturing to delivering the finished product to you, New England Woodcraft is committed to the protection of our great American natural resources.

Low Carbon Footprint

We remain committed to manufacturing all of our furniture in the
United States including purchasing all components from U.S. based suppliers, and therefore maintaining a low carbon footprint by minimizing the fossil fuel consumption created by the transportation of goods.